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Providing Support To Young People

RRP $503.99

This is an invaluable guide to making the most of helping relationships. It concentrates on the practicalities and explores how to structure the help practitioners give to young people.

Including case studies, reflective exercises, and dialogue examples that illustrate the model and use of skills, chapters cover:

  • the context for youth support services and what 'professional helping' and youth support roles involve

  • the practical development of the helping skills and strategies required by a practitioner

  • concepts from various counselling models that have particular relevance for helping young people and discussing 'hard to reach' young people

  • the stages of Egan's skilled helper model in some depth, applying it particularly to youth support work.

Describing an accessible 'how-to' approach to engaging with young people, this book will be essential reading to all those working in information, advice, guidance and youth support settings, whether giving first-in-line or intensive support to young people.

How To Set Up Information Systems

RRP $302.99

A spectacular dialogue of the deaf has been on-going for many years. Information systems are as misunderstood today as they have been for a decade. The designers who make them, the managers who commission them and the stakeholders who use them consistently fail to communicate with each other resulting in the inevitable plethora of systems failures which appear in the media every week. This book seeks to address the key problem of transforming organizational need into information systems delivery. Using understandable language, real world examples and user-focused tools and techniques it aims to deliver sustainable information systems in even the most complex contexts.This is important reading for all concerned with making information systems sustainable, especially professionals in IT. It should also be of interest to environment and development organizations, business schools and software developers.

How Child Support Nearly Ruined My Life

RRP $12.99

How Child Support Nearly Ruined my Life is a series that I, Matejo Dimaggio have decided to create to show the other side of parenting. Non-custodial parents are often looked at as not involved in their child's lives or do not care which is not the case for countless individuals in this country. We do care and are tired of being subjected to the court system and the way that they dictate how and when we can be there for our children. H.C.S.N.R.M.L is a way that I can share recipes that I created when my family was taken from me and left to fend for myself.

A Dialogue Of Civilizations

RRP $16.99

Fethullah Gülen is a Turkish intellectual, scholar, and activist whose influence over a new Islamic intellectual, social, and spiritual revival is revealed in this insightful book. Readers will gain a fuller understanding of where Gülen stands on issues of inherent human value and dignity, freedom of thought, education and taking responsibility for creating society and the world. In addition, readers will also see how different perspectives across time, geography, and worldview can still find points on which to engage in dialogue and find a deep resonance.

A Gift From Rupert Drive

RRP $39.99

Tommy Lynskey thinks his luck is finally about to change for the better when he sends on a chain letter to random addresses up and down the country. He thinks he'll soon be able to pay off his debts and save his troubled marriage with the money he expects to make. Unfortunately for Tommy one of the recipients is not too happy about receiving the lettter. Joey Preston is a wanted man. He needs to get out of town fast and thinks it only fair that the sender of the chain letter he's recently received should accommodate him. When he arrives at Tommy's house splattered in another man's blood it is the beginning of a nightmare and Tommy's life will never be the same again.


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