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Broadband Packet Switching Technologies

RRP $380.99

The effective design of high-speed, reliable switching systems is essential for moving the huge volumes of traffic and multimedia over modern communications networks. This book explains all the main packet-switching architectures, including all theoretical and practical topics relevant to the design and management of high-speed networks. Delivering the most systematic coverage available of the subject, the authors interweave fundamental concepts with real-world applications and include engineering case studies from wireless and fiber-optic communications.<br> Market: Hardware and Software Engineers in the telecommunication industry, System Engineers, and Technicians.

Broadband Telecommunications And Regional Development

RRP $370.99

Broadband is one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century, yet our understanding of its regional impacts remains somewhat rudimentary. Not only are issues of broadband pricing and speed relevant in this context, but the overall quality of service for broadband can often dictate its impacts on regional development. This book illuminates the regional impacts of this pervasive and important technology.

The principle aim of this book is to deepen our understanding of broadband and its connections to regional development. First, it uses a geospatial lens to explore how the relationship between broadband and regional development influences access to technology platforms, dictates provision patterns, and facilitates the shrinkage of space and time in non-uniform and sometimes unexpected ways. Second, it book provides a comprehensive guide that details the strengths and weaknesses of publically available broadband data and their associated uncertainties, allowing regional development professionals and researchers to make more informed decisions regarding data use, analytical models and policy recommendations. Finally, this book is the first to detail the growing importance of broadband to digital innovation and entrepreneurship in regions.

This book will be of interest to regional development professionals and researchers in economics, public policy, geography, regional science and planning.

Broadband Satellite Communications For Internet Access

RRP $629.99

List of Figures. List of Tables. Foreword. Preface. 1. Overview of Broadband Satellite Networks. Part I: Principles of Satellite Networks. 2. Basics of Networks. 3. Satellite Systems Engineering Methodology. 4. Network Systems and Examples. 5. Quality of Service in Layered Architecture. Part II: Satellite Network Technical Challenges. 6. Physical and Link Layers. 7. Satellite TCP/IP: Technical Challenges. 8. Satellite ATM: Technical Challenges. 9. Standards and Regulations. Part III: Satellite IP Networks Performance. 10. Quality of Service in IP Networks. 11. Performance of DiffServ Based Satellite IP. 12. Performance of MPLS. 13. Interactive Multimedia over Satellite. Part IV: Satellite ATM Networks Performance. 14. Quality of Service in ATM Networks. 15. Performance Analysis of TCP over Satellite ATM. 16. Bandwidth Allocation - An Example. References. Acronyms. Index. About the Authors.


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