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The Impact Of Internet Pornography On Married Women

RRP $320.99

24/7 access to all kinds of material is one of the great benefits of the Internet .or is it? With the floodgates of the Web wide open, pornography is now readily available, literally at one's fingertips. While there have been studies conducted on internet pornography users, there have none until now on those that are exposed to the "second-hand" impact. This unprecedented book is daring study that provides a psychodynamic understanding of women's experiences of husbands who use Internet pornography. It examines the relationship between wives' issues of self-esteem and their lack of efficacy; it also explores the female psychosexual development and its impact on wives' experiences with their husbands. This book is the first to explore the impact on women married to Internet pornography users. As one of the first studies daring enough to address and explore this darker side of society, this book should be on the shelves of all scholars in cultural anthropology, psychology, sociology, and women's studies.

Teleneurology By Internet And Telephone

RRP $436.99

Medical information is now widely available on the Internet and through telephone helplines such as NHS Direct and the focus on patient self care is likely to increase. Clinicians in all specialties will often encounter patients who have made self-directed searches for medical information prior to the clinical encounter.

Teleneurology by Internet and Telephone is a study of patient information-seeking behaviour in neurology patients prior to referral from primary to secondary care. The book analyses frequency of Internet access and use, and of telephone helpline awareness and use. It also explores use of these modalities over time, use according to patient gender and age and by gender and age over time.

Teleneurology by Internet and Telephone is an accessible overview of the utility of these modalities of health information provision and will be of interest not only to neurologists and clinicians in other specialities but also to public health researchers, sociologists and political scientists with an interest in questions of health care provision.


Extending The Internet Of Things

RRP $347.99

This book examines the extension and integration aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) in providing global access to services and information from legacy technologies and RFID to IPv6 and the Future IoT. It embraces machine to machine communications in the Future IoT composed of IPv6 networks, RFID tags, and smart things. Decribing the impact of the IoT on security and privacy, it also considers new advanced architectures and models for the Internet.

A Novel Fair Channel Access Algorithm For Cellular Networks

RRP $249.99

Hit And Run Internet Marketing

RRP $16.99

I wrote this book for two reasons. The first was to share what I now know so that others wouldn't have to make all the same mistakes I did. The second was to try to earn a little more money from the knowledge I have gained. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It's not a get rich slow scheme either. If I knew how to generate millions I wouldn't be spending time writing a book on internet marketing. I'd be sipping on a cold drink in some exotic location instead of hunched over a keyboard in my bedroom. This book contains the full details of the program that I have developed over years of trial, error, success and failure, to make an average of 500 a month with as little as 4 hours of work a week. You can follow along to establish your own reliable source of income.


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